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As with making photo's, I look for things that bring out emotion.

My current project is a documentary about love for cats.

Why? Because cats are magical creatures. They are soft, pettable, they give comfort when you need it and they have very special and unique characters.

A lot of people love their cats as if they were children. Not everyone understands this kind of love and judge catlovers as weird or catladies.

But isn't love ultimately universal? Can a human love a cat like they would another person?

For this project I'm still looking for enthousiastic catlovers who want to let me into their homes to show all the love that goes around. 

If you want to participate, please feel free to mail or call me: / 0615903279

"A cat purring on your lap is more healing than any drug in the world, as the vibrations you are receiving are of pure love and contentment.                         “St. Francis of Assisi

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