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Farewell to Xulhaz

a short film by Larissa Korporaal

A poetic film about overcoming depression through art after the murder of a dear friend who was killed because he was 'propagating sinful homosexuality'.
Farewell to Xulhaz is about friendship, murder, depression and how art can reach you when nothing else can.

Even though this is a personal film, it addresses the universal themes of love, depression, resilience and hope."

"We need to have high dreams to survive through this bitter reality" - Xulhaz Mannan

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  X-World Short Film Festival

  Rome 2019:  Three-fold winner:

  • Best Art-Experimental Short Film

  • Outstanding Woman Film Maker

  • Best Film poster

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"There is a fantastic use of both beautiful imagery and real life footage which compliment each other well. 

A visually appealing short that keeps the audience involved."


Largo Film Awards:

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